"...As the Father sent me so I am sending you." - Jesus (John 20:21)

As Christ-followers we are called to be a "sent" people into the world as Gospel-carriers and peace-makers. We carry the message of hope in Jesus Christ incarnationally in the way we live, work and play. Today, our faith is often defined by simply going to a church event on weekends. Forge Colorado Springs provides coaching, consulting, support and training to individuals, church-planters, businesses, and existing churches that wish to form their methods around missional practice and incarnational living.


Who are the people best-suited for Forge?

The Forge training experience is designed for anyone—a bishop or a bartender, a mechanic or a mom...who,

  • Burns to see lives transformed outside the walls of the local church sunday gathering.

  • Desires to be trained to understand and live a mission-shaped way of life.

  • Wants to be a revolutionary follower of Christ right in their own neighborhood and context.

  • Feels a sense of calling, but wants a path and curriculum outside of conventional vocational ministry or seminary.


 forge America

Find out more about Forge America, our parent organization. As a Local Hub, we take the Forge methodology and training directly to church planters, churches, individuals, and other organizations in Colorado Springs and the Rocky Mountain region.

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 Alan & Deb Hirsch                                   Michael & Carolyn Frost

Alan & Deb Hirsch                                   Michael & Carolyn Frost


The Forge Missional Movement was founded by Alan & Deb Hirsch in partnership with Michael and Carolyn Frost. Michael, Alan, and Deb are active voices in the missional church space and conversation, having authored several books, speaking at conferences and groups around the world, and continuing to shape the missional practices space.