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Colorado Springs Learning Cohorts

May 17, 2018 | Training | 0 comments

Launching NOW (October 2018) in the heart of Colorado springs. Join a select group of missional thinkers and people desiring to live incarnationally as we journey through the Forge America material together as a tribe! This will be a six-month cohort that consists of 1-2 hours of work every two weeks, and a monthly gathering around food and discussion. We will engage with authors and missiologists like Alan and Deb Hirsch, Michael Frost, Brad Brisco, Hugh Halter, Lance Ford, Ryan Hairston, and Jon Ritner – some face to face and/or online meetings.

The key components of our learning cohorts:

  1. Paradigm altering video teachings from innovative practitioners
  2. Paradigm shifting reading from profound practitioners
  3. Learning cohort coaching via Zoom led by local practitioners
  4. You will have many opportunities to practice what you learn locally
  5. You will be able to engage in meaningful dialogue with your learning cohort
  6. You will be equipped to help shape increased missional faithfulness in your local church

Cost: $100 per month ($600 TOTAL)

DOWNLOAD the Forge Learning Cohorts Syllabus