Tools for the Missionary Journey

As Christ-followers we are called to be a “sent” people into the world as Gospel-carriers and peace-makers. However, sometimes it feels like the bridge between the church and our culture gets longer and harder to navigate. Our church methods have built an attractional system primarily based on an industrial complex and a weekly event. That system is crumbling all around us as people seek a deeper meaning to their faith. Forge Colorado Springs helps the church, christian leaders, and individuals develop a theological framework, vocabulary, and way of life characterized by engaging culture as the “sent” people of God, joining God in his mission to redeem and restore the world.

This is not so much a “new” way to do ministry, as it is reclaiming the original intent of God’s church…where we are all missionaries to the places we live, work and play.

Forge Colorado Springs, as an extension of Forge International and Forge America, seeks to serve local churches by offering training and support to leaders so they can better make disciples in their own communities. Our dream is to nurture a community of Kingdom shaped churches, non-profits, businesses, organizations, and individuals that will ensure the redemptive mission of God continues to thrive amidst the cultural changes ahead. Therefore, we provide coaching, consulting, support and training that cultivates an ethos bathed in missional practice and incarnational living.

The Church in Our Culture is in Crisis

The statistics are alarming. In the last fifty years the church has experienced a position of trended decline across the Western world. It is estimated that the prevailing models of evangelistic churches at their best can reach 40 percent of the American population. But it seems 90 percent of churches and church plants spend the majority of their resources vying for the same 40 percent.

There is a great need to reclaim the original design of the mission of God with the other 60 percent in mind. This is precisely what Forge exists to do. Forge aims to focus its energy on developing leadership that can understand the missional challenge and proactively develop strategies and approaches that will be able to take the mission of God into new and uncharted ground with fresh and creative expressions.

Forge Identifies, Develops, and Nurtures Missional Leaders

Forge does not plant churches or run ministries, but instead trains missionaries to thrive in whatever context they are called to, be that a local church, a neighborhood, a professional network, etc. Through innovative training cohorts, leadership team consultation, individualized coaching, and organizational partnerships, Forge Colorado Springs is participating in the shaping of things to come.

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