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Missional Confab with Hugh Halter

May 23, 2018 | Event | 0 comments

September 11th, 2018 from 8:30AM – 4PM @ 719 Commons. Join us and author, speaker, practitioner Hugh Halter as he leads us through a discussion on Purgatory Sessions: The Church Caught Between Heaven and Hell. This expresses the tension of the already but not yet kingdom – living in a world that is not yet restored and redeemed – and how we join God’s mission on Earth as not merely learners but practitioners.

Hugh Halter moved from Denver in 2016 to Alton IL, with his wife Cheryl and three grown children. Alli is a teacher in the Ferguson School district and is married to Matthew Piocos who is a paramedic in St. Louis. McKenna is finishing up college but will return to a social work life in St. Louis, and Ryan who has struggled with epilepsy since birth, now lives in Beverly Farms, an assisted living center in nearby Godfrey for adults with disabilities.

Hugh is an author, the founder of Missio & US Director of Forge America. He speaks extensively across the country encouraging and equipping pastors in incarnational ministry and missional leadership.