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Missional Confab with Frosty

May 25, 2018 | Event | 0 comments

October 8th, 2018, Michael Frost will leads us through a discussion on the nuts and bolts of living missionally in our context. He will also be the keynote speaker for CityServe 2018 (part of COSILOVEYOU). This is an invitation ONLY event.

Michael is a 20-year veteran of the academy (seminary for those down under), but he still doesn’t call himself an academic. He’s taught at Morling College in Sydney and is currently the head of the missiology department there. His doctorate examined a mission-shaped approach to being and doing church, and he’s written a bunch of books in that field.

He enjoys music by guys who can’t sing that great (Dylan, Cohen, Cave), hiking the national parks of North America (15, so far), and reading Flannery O’Connor. He’s seen every film made by the Cohen Brothers and Stanley Kubrick and still holds out hope that Terrence Malick has one more masterpiece in him. He helped launch the Small Boat Big Sea community in Manly and co-founded the Forge mission training network. He has won camel races in Kazakhstan, cliff-diving competitions in Thailand, and chess tournaments at the Kremlin. And he has spoken with Elvis (not all of this might be true).