Forge Colorado Springs

Current and Future Happenings

Missional Confab with Frosty

October 6th or 7th, 2018. Join us and author, speaker, practitioner Michael Frost as he leads us through a discussion on the nuts and bolts of living missionally in our context. He will also be the keynote speaker for CityServe 2018 (part of COSILOVEYOU)....

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Missional Confab with Hugh Halter

September 11th, 2018 from 8:30AM - 4PM @ 719 Commons. Join us and author, speaker, practitioner Hugh Halter as he leads us through a discussion on Purgatory Sessions: The Church Caught Between Heaven and Hell. This expresses the tension of the already but not yet...

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Colorado Springs Learning Cohorts

Launching the 3rd week of September 2018 in the heart of Colorado springs. Join a select group of missional thinkers and people desiring to live incarnationally as we journey through the Forge America material together as a tribe! This will be a six-month cohort that consists of 1-2 hours of work every two weeks, and a monthly gathering…

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